Fan Principle digital: simple, fast, scientifically sound.

Measuring and strengthening customer relations

FanScan® is the singular digital tool for measuring emotional customer relations, employee relations and member relations – in real time!

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Better understand customer/member relations


Easily identify customer-/member relations.


Analyse data in real-time


User-friendly handling

Gain powerful insights about relationship quality

Use the insights on your target groups: always up-to-date, easy to understand and immediately convertible into actions!

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What is the FanScan®?

  • Ready for use in short time.
  • The agile implementation of the successful Fan Principle.
  • All-in-one solution without media gaps.
  • Immediate gain of knowledge in your company or association.
  • Tool for a steep learning curve with permanent value creation.

More homogeneous products and services, faster project cycles, competition for customers, members and talent, and frequently changing requirements pose new challenges for companies as well as associations.

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Why FanScan®?

How can you succeed in increasing the emotional loyalty of customers, employees and members in the long term?

  • FanScan® helps you increase efficiency in setup and reporting. And gain important insights to improve relationship quality.
  • FanScan® is based on the scientifically sound Fan Principle.
  • FanScan® combines a unique approach with state-of-the-art technology and an outstanding consulting approach.

Your Profit: More time for what matters

We accelerate data acquisition, analysis, and visualization so you can focus on increasing the quality of your relations FanScan® is THE technology for for agile company or association management: Measure and increase emotional commitment – instead of just managing satisfaction.



FanScan® is the digital tool for measuring relations quality according to the Fan Principle.

A product by 2HMforum., the creators of the Fan Principle.


With FanScan®, we measure the quality of your relationships with customers, employees and members in real time. Get started right away – simply via your browser. No installation necessary.


You see your results immediately: FanScan® is available as a stand-alone solution with data export option and real-time dashboard or as a combined solution with integration into your CRM system.

Scientifically Sound

FanScan® uses methods at the highest scientific level. With just three questions – derived from fan research – you already get a meaningful answer about the relationship quality with your stakeholders.

Talk to us if you

  • … want to improve not only your market research in an agile way, but also improve your customer, employee or member relations quality in real time.
  • … want to focus on key customer needs, employee needs or member needs.

  • … want to replace long questionnaires with an comprehensive and entertaining set of questions.
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