The FanScan® Man

The perfect feedback tool with commemorative value – and a permanent place on your desk!

The FanScan®-Man is the key to an agile feedback tool that you can use for all your target groups. The ideal survey tool helps you identify and serve the needs of your customers and employees even better. This way, you turn employees and customers into fans! Send the FanScan®-Man into service, e.g. as a mood barometer of your employees, as a complaint tool for the field service or as an evaluation tool for your medical practice. There are no limits to its use! Whether mood, opinion, feedback or appointment allocation, the FanScan®-Man can be used flexibly.

FanScan® men and ladies are available in almost 20 motifs, suitable for many ideas, uses and occasions:


FanScan® Lady

Sales force

FanScan® Lady
Sales Force


Forklift operator

…and many more!

  • The FanScan®-Man is also available in many other motifs and completely customizable, according to your wishes for individual, target group-specific questionnaires. Feel free to contact us or visit our Shop (in German).

Feedback is the be-all and end-all of successful customer relationships!

From now on, take the opportunity for feedback whenever you are in contact with customers or employees. Whether it’s praise or criticism – this is the only way you can learn and adapt to the needs of your customers or employees even better! And if things didn’t go the way customers or employees expected: The FanScan®-Man can take a lot!

Do you also want to benefit from the unique combination of sustainable promotional item, feedback instrument and Fan Principle? Then test the FanScan®-Man for your customers or employees! Measure contact satisfaction and Fan Quota on an occasion-related and sustainable basis, because the FanScan®-Man will find its permanent place on the desk of your customers or employees.

We take care of everything. All you have to do is tell us the customers or employees and the topics to be polled. We will set up the survey for you, produce it and send it out! You can access the results on a daily basis in our individual results dashboard – just like the personalized feedback.

Application areas

Customer acquisition

  • Launch campaigns and generate leads
  • Trade fairs/ Events / Customer events
  • Address verification – Opt-in solution

Customer loyalty

  • Manage customer service
  • Get general customer feedback
  • Complaint Management / Customer Service
  • Existing customer management (up- & cross-selling)
  • Customer feedback at specific touchpoints / contact experiences.

Customer recovery

  • Complaint Management / Customer Service
  • Cancellation prevention


  • Current mood

  • Feedback from employees in the field
  • Company suggestion system

Our offer

License runtime 1 month

License costs* Introductory price

€ 950

License runtime 6 months

License costs* Introductory price

€ 2.950

License runtime 12 months

License costs* Introductory price

€ 3.950

Cost per FanScan-Man (without handling shipping and postage)

From 100 pieces, each 4,50 EUR
From 300 pieces, 3.50 EUR each
From 500 pieces, each 3.00 EUR

Other scale prices on request.
Minimum purchase quantity is 100 figures.

Cost per FanScan-Man (incl. processing shipping and postage)

From 100 pieces, each 9.90 EUR
From 300 pieces, each 8.20 EUR
From 500 pieces, each 7.80 EUR

Other scale prices on request.
Minimum purchase quantity is 100 figures.


  • Offer applies to a basic questionnaire with a maximum of 10 closed questions
  • Maximum of 10,000 completed surveys
  • Maximum of three different target groups

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